2023 Events

IBA SPORTS 2023 Big as Texas SBR - September 15, 2023 through September 24, 2023

IF you have never been on a rally, first visit this great video by the Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club: How does a rally work?

This is a fun ride, but SAFETY FIRST: Pick your own destinations. If you like it hot, head west toward the high Texas desert, bad weather along the coast? Head north... YOU pick the best places to visit for your style or riding. NO FORMATION or GROUP riding allowed, however you may form a team of 2 riders that may choose to ride together, but never more than then two.

GPS recommeded - we will provide GPS (in the format of Decimal Degrees for example 42.7948, -96.1666) and physical address (Blue Bunny Ice Cream, 115 Central Ave NW, Le Mars, IA) locations for each of a long list of possible locations to visit.

Flexible, rest stops verified by required satelitte tracking system. Hotel stops that pay mega-points to stop and rest!

INSURANCE: each rider is required to produce proof of motorcycle insurance in the amount of at least 100/300CSL, as well as motorcycle endorsement and valid registration.

RIDING CLASSES: like AMA dirt bike events, there are both a Senior (55 and older) and Junior class. Same desitinations, same timing.

PRE-RIDE meetings and Dinner on Saturday.

The big finale will be another extravagant banquet meal and party on Saturday night where we will recognize all the riders for their unique rides over the course of the week.

Join us for a great time riding some great roads this fall! Sign up for the rally will be available soon.

The Big as Texas SBR is a trademark of IBA Sports.

Rather you ride in the dirt or street, the AMA is our first line of defense for land use issues as well as regulatory issues facing motorcyclist both on and off-road.

$49 a year, with optional road side assistance plans for $35 (or free with auto renewal plans) as well as other options.

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